Warrior Covert QRL3 Composite Stick Junior 50 Flex

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Warrior Covert QRL3 Composite Stick Junior 50 Flex
Warrior Covert QRL3 Composite Stick Junior 50 Flex (2)
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The Warrior Covert QRL3 Grip Sticks are packed with more performance features at this mid price point than most. This new Covert QRL Line features an all-new Minimus Flat-Weave Carbon Fiber that is lighter, stronger and harder releasing than before. Because of the higher-quality, Covert's signature Dagger Taper improves on what was already one of the quickest releasing tapers in the game today.

Aside from the Minimus 600 Carbon Fiber, the Warrior Covert QRL3 has a pro-spec 12K carbon fiber blade that wraps the HardCore X foam package. These combine to help remove excess weight from the lower portion of the shaft, thus raising the balance point and improving shot pop. The foam package does a good job of providing lively, almost pingy puck feel which accentuates the already super low kick point.
True1 Piece Construction
The process developed by Warrior engineers that makes this stick a single-piece, fully molded blade and shaft.
This results in better control, improved weight balance and more flex consistency in the shaft by eliminating the shaft/blade fusion or connection point
Minimus Carbon 600
Minimus flat-weave carbon fiber is significantly stronger and lighter than before
Fiberglass reinforcement provides a big jump in durability
Flex Profile:
Super Low Kick Point - provides one of the fastest shot releases on the market, ideal for the "finesse" shooter who primarily uses their wrists to generate shot power or for those who use a quick shooting motion
Dagger Taper III:
Provides one of quickest shot releases on the market
The top side of the taper is thinner for more flex and the bottom portion on the taper is wider for less torque providing a more accurate shot
This loads and releases the shaft and blade together for more flex and better pop on slap shots, snap shots and wrist shots
Straight sidewalls with rounded corners

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