CCM EP Ultra Tacks Hockey Elbow Pads Youth

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The CCM Ultra Tacks Hockey Elbow Pads Youth are the premier elbow pads in the new CCM Tacks lineup. These offer professional-level protection with lightweight materials, including D3OŽ smart foams. This orange foam, found in the elbow cap, reacts differently to various levels of impact. The foam remains soft to absorb the low impacts, while immediately hardening upon high-force impacts.

- 2 piece design
* Overlap provides additional protection
* Enhances mobility

- Joint discharge PE cap reinforced with D3O
* smart foam for a lightweight pro-level of protection
* disperses the force of impact away from elbow joint

- Molded foam armor bicep
* extended coverage for a pro-level of protection
* Floating molded medium-density foam with plastic insert
* Extended high-density foam on top of of elbow

- Forearm slash guard
* Molded high-density segmented foam

- New lock strap with Lycra slot system
* enhanced comfort and a fully customizable fit
- 3 strap system
* 1.5" wide vented elastic bicep strap with neoprene
* 1.5" wide Lycra strap
* 2" wide nylon forearm slotted strap

- Moisture-wicking premium microfiber

- D3O
* Smart foam technology provides a very high level of protection. This innovative material, designed to react to varying intensities while maintaining its soft consistency, absorbs low impacts and then instantly hardens at high energy impacts to protect against big hits

WEIGHT of a size elbowpad M.
- approx. 95 gramm

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