CCM EP Quicklite 290 Hockey Elbow Pads Junior

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CCM EP Quicklite 290 Hockey Elbow Pads Junior (2) CCM EP Quicklite 290 Hockey Elbow Pads Junior (3) CCM EP Quicklite 290 Hockey Elbow Pads Junior (4) CCM EP Quicklite 290 Hockey Elbow Pads Junior (5)
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The CCM QuickLite 290 Hockey Elbow Pads Junior provide a high level of protection with a focus on mobility and lightweight flexibility. Inspired by CCM's well known and trusted JDP cap construction, the QuickLite 290 elbow pads have an improved dome shape PE foam cap to help with impact dispersion and opponent injury prevention. Excellent for the hockey player on the ice multiple times a week.

- Three-piece design with Dryfoam technology offers improved mobility and comfort.

- New PE cap with improved dome shape inspired by JDP construction
* prevent sensitive elbow joints from hitting the pad when an impact occurs.
* Redirects the energy from impacts around the joint
* Topped with medium density foams

- Floating bicep padding with a molded PE cap and Ventshield
* keep the pad moving with the player for maximum protection.
* Ventshield is an engineered plastic with focus on lightweight ventilation and protection
* Topped with EVA foams
* Floating Design for flexibility

- none

- Molded PE with extended coverage
* helps to maximize protection.
* Molded EVA foam foams with ventilation
* PE cap across top of forearm
* Hinged Design for mobility

Three strap lycra system with added elasticity in the lockstrap
* helps to enhance comfort and mobility while maintaining a fully customizable fit.
* 2" nylon forearm strap
* Lycra mid-strap
* 2" elastic bicep strap

- Microfiber Elbow Donut
- Breathable Mesh with Dry Foam Technology
* Used in bicep and forearm guards

- Dry Foam Technology
* Closed cell foam that absorbs less sweat to maintain its comfort and light weigh

WEIGHT of a size M elbowpad:
- approximately 185 grams

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