Warrior Ritual G4 Goalie Catcher Intermediate

Warrior Ritual G4 Goalie Catcher Intermediate
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The Ritual G4 Catcher Intermediate for players between junior and senior from Warrior is a lightweight mid-price point level glove that performs at elite level play. If you’ve never tried on a Warrior Ritual glove before the R/G4, with its unique feel and performance is a good place to start.

Another amazing quality of the Ritual G4 catch glove is its unique ability to be altered in both fit and break angle. The internals can be fully opened up and exposed using strategically placed exterior straps to keep everything secure while in use, but easy to access when fully opened. On the inside your will find plenty of adjustment in the fingerstalls, backhand and wrist to allow you to wear the glove as tight or loose as you desire. The other unique adjustment to the Ritual G4 glove is the removable liner that actually changes the break angle on the glove. The R/G4 glove will come stock with a 75-degree liner, but can be swapped with a 60-degree or a 90-degree depending on your preference. (Please note Junior sizes will not include the removeable liner)

The shape and construction on the Ritual G4 glove is clean and presents well to the shooter while funneling pucks into the large pocket. Inside the pocket of the R/G4 glove is a single T featuring Axyflex technology. The Axyflex tee allows the pocket to cradle the puck and reduce popouts while maintaining its shape over time. (Please note Junior sizes will not include the Axyflex Tee)

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